Birddogs LA Launch Party Recap

A primer on how to impress a girl at a cocktail party

A primer on how to impress a girl at a cocktail party.
We had one rule.

Dudes can't wear pants.
You heard right my friend.

"Walk yourself right on over to the pants check.  Because this party is a no-pants type of party."
And no pants were worn.

Actually there was one exception...


...this guy in the capri pants outsmarted the dudes with no pants rule.

He argued the rule should not apply to him because he was not actually a dude but a kid, as no grown man would own capri pants.
We agreed.


Oh, and there was this guy. He correctly pointed out that his jeans were worth more than our company.

And that he was going to carry his Birddogs around his neck while wearing pants all night to remind us of that fact.
Hat tip to you sir.
Not only were dudes not wearing pants.

They weren't wearing underwear either.


Ya heard right.

We were going California Casual all night long...

...we're talking SKIN CITY.
Ladies you looked spectacular as well

Just stunning at all times... others just getting funky... all sorts of funk...

Until next time, may your potions remain potent and your spells fruitful...

...and try to keep your head off the ground.