How to pitch a tent when you're not camping

Fact: Nothing impresses a woman more than a well-pitched tent.

Nice job Cub Scout. 
But unless you're Thoreau or the Unabomber, you need to know how to pitch a tent in a more urban setting. 


5 Ways to Pitch a Tent in Any Enviroment


#1: Need to pitch a tent on the couch?
Golden Girls Marathon.

Before the blue pill, Blanche was always available over the counter.


#2: Need to pitch a tent watching her shows?
Choose Girls.

A lack of shame is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


#3: Need to pitch a tent on the links?
Long putter's got you covered.

Just look at that length.
A friendly reminder that it's OK to have your club popping out of the bag as long as you sink it.


#4: Need to pitch a tent in the office?
The details will get you going.

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.
Oh my God, it even has a watermark.


#5: Need to pitch a tent in the park?
Just wear your Birddogs.

Sometimes a stiff gust of wind is all it takes.