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5 Ideas We Tried Before We Landed on Birddogs

It was pivot city for the first 3 years.
#1: Financial Advisors
We lost 53k in two days investing in penguin sweaters.
#2: Layoff Space
It's co-working space for the unemployed.
That place rocked. Best happy hour I've ever been to.
#3: An app called Age-ster.
You meet people and guess how old they are.
This app sucks. What are you like, 38?? Yes I am.
#4: Toupees
Just great ass toupees.
A toupee getting taken by a bird.
#5: Kerfuffles™ Potato Chips
Quench your hunger.
Opening oven and spilling the chips.


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.