The Birddogs Mailbag. You Asked, We Answered.

Setting the record strait on gossip, old-wives tales, and strait up BS. 
Commonly Asked Customer Questions.


Question: Are Birddogs able to prevent the TSA from scanning a detailed image of my genitals?
- Skeeter, Dallas
Answer: Sadly, no.  But if you're packing that much heat, expect a full pat down anyway.


Question: Are Birddogs appropriate beach attire? Won't the lining attract sand and give me a rash?
- Thirsty Thorston, Montauk

Answer: Yes, but their names are Sandy and Samantha.


Question: I heard that if you're wearing Birddogs you can get a 12% discount on rooms at La Quinta Inn. Is this true?
- Brian Dutt, New York

Answer: Yes, and expect a room with a view. La Quinta means "Womanly Comfort" in Spanish. They love Birddogs.


Question: My buddy described Birddogs as a wearable cumulus cloud.  Can you elaborate on this?
- Cooter, Endicott City
Answer: Clouds are made of Science.  So are Birddogs.


Question: Is it possible for a man to get breast cancer?
- Javi, Myrtle Beach

Answer: At Birddogs, we think men are equally capable of doing anything women can as long as he puts his mind to it.