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How to Pump the Brakes on A Relationship

If you've already rounded the bases, nothing pumps the breaks like a hard stop at first. 
#1: Move it backwards in the bedroom.
If you've already rounded the bases, nothing pumps the brakes like a hard stop at first.

messy kiss

Just shut up and French Kiss me. 


#2: When sending a Valentine's Day Card, the personal inscription says it all.
Stick to the facts.
Your name is enough.

index card that says Kyle


#3: Try tossing a little ice on her family ties.
HER:  "So I was thinking we cut your hair short for my brother's wedding!"
YOU:  "Wait..You have a brother?!?"

man with facial hair


#4: If she tries to have the "define-the-relationship talk", get real meta on her.
HER:  " would you define "us"?

Neil Degrasse Tyson universe


#5: Nothing says Valentine's Day Dinner like an all-you-can-eat buffet.
If she complains, ask her:
"Are you so rich that you can turn down unlimited food at a decent price?"



#6:  Make it clear you're letting yourself go.  Health is a great place to start.
"Babe, I'm starting to get a little concerned about this itch.  How do I tell if it's nested or just passing through?"

man on couch


#7: Send a half-eaten box of chocolates.
An entire box would look over eager.
Do her a favor and cut out half the calories for her.

half eaten box of chocolates


#8: Take her star gazing.
Don't be afraid to overshare.
"Don't you ever wonder who you'll end up with?"

people looking at stars