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Meet his neighbor and notable degenerate Benjamin Cranklin.
cranklin holding a kite
Franklin was known for signing the Declaration of Independence.
Cranklin was known for signing bad checks, some of which were tied to Franklin’s bank account.
cranklin signing a check
Franklin was a well-known womanizer and is rumored to have had many affairs.
Cranklin suffered from extreme ugliness was rumored to have been a pig-person.
telling a secret
Franklin pioneered effective mailing practices and was America’s first Postmaster General.
Cranklin pioneered mail-order pornography by drawing pictures of what he assumed naked women would look like.
reading a scroll
Franklin’s invention of the circulated stove filled homes with heat.
Cranklin’s invention of the reverse chimney filled homes with rich smoky smells from outside, and sometimes birds.
cranklin in front of a fireplace
Franklin’s legacy was honored when his image was imprinted on the $100 bill.
Cranklin was called a dishonorable gentleman by John Adams for exposing himself to his wife.
cranklin in a compromising situation
Franklin famously helped discover electricity by flying a kite in a lightning storm.
Cranklin was the first to discover that lightning bugs cannot survive insertion into the human body.
cranklin making an invention

Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.