Cuban Said We Can Pitch Him Again If We Stop Making Fun of Him Online.

He passed on Birddogs on Shark Tank, so this time we pitched him the good stuff.
Concept #1: Nipplescapes
A tasteful collection of black-and-white nipple shots.
Concept #2: Best Chance App
By pirating dating sites and geolocation data, we'll match you with the girls you have the best chance of getting with.
Concept #3: Two-Wheeled Unicycle
Concept #4: Women's Warehouse
How come only men have a warehouse?
Women can be businessmen too.
Concept #5: eGay
Heard of eBay? This is eGay: the online store for gay people.
Concept #6: Breathe Right Anal Strips
Opens the airway from your anus to allow smooth and silent gas to pass.