Birddogs raises $114m Series A Round to launch potato chips

Eff it we're going for a billion. 
We took a fat wad of VC money.
And we're launching Kerfuffles® chips with it.
We told the VCs we had just one idea.
We're sending chips directly to your door.
Vending machines have had their fat, greasy fingres on the chip business for too long.
The VCs bought it. We give you: Kerfuffles®.
You've never had your hunger quenched so perfectly.
Dangerously high in fiber.
We absolutely wash our hands before we make every batch.
Shower your big filthy taste buds.
For each bag of Kerfuffles® you buy, we donate one to a kid in need of a sweet, salty pick-me-up.
Buy a bag of Kerfuffles® and we're throwing in this complimentary pair of Birddogs.
Oh and we've got like 7 new styles up on the site available for presale.