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Call For Dick Hertz and Other Pranks We Regret From Childhood.

Sam pranks guy reading news paper by pulling his turtle neck up.
Prank #1: I put our cat in the mailbox to spook the mailman.
He was very surprised to find a dead cat.
Mailman seeing cat and freaking out.
Prank #2: We did a little number I'm sure everyone is familiar with.
Classic poop dollar prank.
Prank #3: I baited Jimmy Smith into a 'beef-off.'
He went for the win and messed his pants.
We called him "Jimmy Schitts" and took out a full-page ad in our high school yearbook.
Yearbook page of 'Jimmy Schitts'.
Prank #4: My friend had a pet tarantula, so we brought it to school to scare some girls.
Instead of running and screaming, the girls stomped his pet and obliterated it.
Girl stepping on tarantula


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.