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Coach Rick: The Little League Coach You Don't Want Near Your Kids

We don't even know why he's still doing it.
coach rick throwing a ball
Story #1:
In our 4th game of the season, I got hit by a pitch and teared up a bit.
Coach Rick said that my tears took fluid directly out of my ball sack.
kid getting hit by a ball
Story #2:
After getting thrown out at 1st, Coach Rick said I ran like a sissy and asked if I was pulling a “Reverse Ladybugs”.
He asked me point-blank if I was actually a girl pretending to be a boy.
coach rick on the bench
Story #3:
Coach Rick once convinced our pitcher that it was OK to eat sunflower seeds whole.
The kid had to go to Urgent Care after a double-header because he was unable to pass a bowel movement.
player at the hospital
Story #4:
After going up 10 runs in the 5th, Coach Rick said he was tired of all the showboating and that we were not the Harlem Globetrotters.
He said that right after Darryl hit a homer.
coach rick making a mistake

Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.