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Conversations You Should Have With Your Doctor But Are Too Afraid to Bring Up.

Looking around before eating cotton ball.
Tip #1: Obviously, you should be fully naked.
Strips down but naked in front of doctor.
Tip #2: Pull a Bill Clinton.
Answer his questions with questions.
So how many partners have you had? Like in the United States? Any drug use? Like what am I on right now?
Tip #3: In fact, keep him guessing throughout the exam.
Putting dirt on his junk.
Tip #4: Don't be afraid to ask for questionable prescriptions.
How did Bonds break the HR record? He was brave enough to ask a doctor for help.
Hey Doc, got any Moon Gas?
Tip #5: Come prepared with health-related questions.
Likely, this will be the most learned man you come in contact with.
Crabs isn't a real thing, right? Uhhhh.... yes. SO exactly how many apples a day would I have to eat to get rid of herpes?
Tip #6: Or at least keep an eye out for your buds.
Asking for a friend, should my stool look like a balloon animal?


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.