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This Dance Answers Everything

Do the Scuttlebutt! (It's a dance you idiot).
Doing the 'Scuttlebutt'
Got a solid presentation for the CFO but you need a closer?
Do the Scuttlebutt!
Shaking his backside in the lights for the camera.
Asked to do a lecture on the dangers of opioids at the local middle school?
Do the Scuttlebutt!
Monkey dance.
Need to pass the NFL post-concussion protocol?
Do the Scuttlebutt!
The famous 'Scuttlebutt' Dance.
How do you do the Scuttlebutt?
Ever see a dog try to hump the leg of an oversized chair?
The Scuttlebuttz
Scuttlebuttz Birddogs Shorts. Learn the Scuttlebutt here


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.