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Gym Shorts For Turbos Who Double Down On Leg Day


My nipples bled less than expected... Yes!!!


I asked Thruster to borrow his stapler.
He just lifted up his shirt and showed me his abs.
 Thruster lifting up his shirt to expose his abs.


Thruster puts whey protein in his beer.
He calls 'em his "stud suds."
Thruster puts protein in his beer before he shotguns it.


Thruster dry humps with a weight vest on.
Says it's the only thing that can keep him hard.
Thruster doing pushups.


I asked Thruster what's up with him.
Im fine why... did someone tell you I skipped leg day or something? Cause I didn't.


Thruster jams up the lunch line asking for triple meat...
...and he's very particular about his nuts.
The stars really aligned for our fish-boy.



Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.