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How to Reinvent Yourself Before School Starts.

New kid spinning out of the door looking cool.
Tip #1: Become a hat guy.
Make a splash by wearing a hat indoors.
Fat? Find a fez. Balding? Jump in a Kangol.
Just a good old fashioned d-bag? Find a fedora.
Tip #2: Get some glasses.
Nothing says "I'm different" more than a recently diagnosed astigmatism.
My optometrist said if i continue to go undiagnosed, I might need reading glasses when I'm 50.
Tip #3: If you HAVE glasses, get rid of 'em.
That guy from The Blind Side couldn't see and he got SO much money.
Hits head on pull up bar.
Tip #4: Fake a musical talent.
Pass out flyers for advanced piano lessons.
Who advertises fake piano lessons?! A maverick looking to stand out.
Tip #5: Wear tap shoes.
Charlie Chaplin wore tap shoes and also tapped his way into the heart of every starlet in Hollywood.
Guy wearing tap shoes.


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.