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How to Reinvent Yourself Before School Starts.

New kid spinning out of the door looking cool.
Tip #1: Become a hat guy.
Make a splash by wearing a hat indoors.
Fat? Find a fez. Balding? Jump in a Kangol.
Just a good old fashioned d-bag? Find a fedora.
Tip #2: Get some glasses.
Nothing says "I'm different" more than a recently diagnosed astigmatism.
My optometrist said if i continue to go undiagnosed, I might need reading glasses when I'm 50.
Tip #3: If you HAVE glasses, get rid of 'em.
That guy from The Blind Side couldn't see and he got SO much money.
Hits head on pull up bar.
Tip #4: Fake a musical talent.
Pass out flyers for advanced piano lessons.
Who advertises fake piano lessons?! A maverick looking to stand out.
Tip #5: Wear tap shoes.
Charlie Chaplin wore tap shoes and also tapped his way into the heart of every starlet in Hollywood.
Guy wearing tap shoes.