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Need More Guy Friends? Here's A Guide To Picking Up Dudes.

Karl feeling left out of the friendgroup.
Tip #1: Start with subtle eye contact, like it's a solar eclipse.
Keeping it to a glimpse will let him know you're looking for a consensual connection.
Squinting looking around, and than acknowledging his presence with a finger point.
Tip #2: Is he wearing Oakleys? Tell him you work at the local Oakley factory by saying you work "Loakely."
When he settles down from laughing so hard, you can grab his number to hang.
So let me get your number?
Tip #3: Bait the end of a string with Axe Body Spray.
When you feel a tug on the other end, you've got a potential new friend on the hook.
Hunting with axe body spray attached to string.
Tip #4: Find a nice girl and start dating.
She'll introduce you to her friends and their boyfriends. After a while, you'll develop a bond with the guys and can break it off.
I was in it for the dudes anyway.
Tip #5: Have Domino's delivered to your cool neighbor.
When it arrives, run over and explain there must have been a mix-up.
Dominos delivery guy bringing pizza to the cool neighbors house.


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.