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Negotiating Tactics for Guys Who Use the Word Mufflebags.

Going in for the handshake and pulling out last second.
Tactic #1: Find out what car he drives and get in a fender bender before the meeting.
You've got him right where you want him.
Holding his neck brace after hunting down his car and crashing into it.
Tactic #2: Put all your cards on the table.
WNBA basketball cards placed on the table.
Tactic #3: Always low ball with your fist offer.
Handing a proposition, with you filming me and your wife.
Tactic #4: Pull a Mr. Rogers.
Change your clothes right in front of him.
Stripping right in front of the employer. Inspection of the backside.
Tactic #5: Spill coffee down his shirt.
Spilling coffee on his shirt.
During negotiations, you can keep commenting...
Yeah this is coming from the guy who can't even keep his shirt clean.


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.