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Four New Wives Tales You Have Never Heard About.

They gotta start somewhere.
Accidentally spilling salt
#1: If your shoelaces come untied, your girlfriend is cheating on you.
Shoelaces are untied? Girlfriend is definitely cheating.
#2: They call 'em "old wives tales" because women grow tails as they get older. Ever seen grandma naked? No? How do you know she doesnt have one?
#3: Girls who use T-Mobile are more likely to give hand jobs.
Girls that use t-mobile are more likely to pleasure you.
#4: It is 7 months bad luck if you make eye contact with a woman's nipple ring.
Shielding his eyes from potential nipple rings
You guys are slurping down pants faster than we can make them.
Seattle Pounders birddogs pants

Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.