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Riding Your Bike As An Adult.

Pumping up the bike tire.
Tip #1: Don't be silly, wear a helmet.
You're a full-grown adult riding a bicycle, which means you've never played a sport.
Lethal helmet headbutt.
Tip #2: If a car honks, put in ear buds and weave.
There's literally nothing they can do except murder you.
Swerving through the streets of NYC.
Tip #3: Make some jumps.
Now that you're a grown-ass man, don't be afraid to make some grown-ass jumps.
Biker hitting 2 brick tall jump.
Tip #4: Put baseball cards in your spokes.
It's a delightful way to get a smile.
Biking past with baseball cards in the spokes.
Tip #5: Wear proper attire.
Pesky blue jeans can get caught in your wheels and gears.
Best to suit up with a pair of Birddogs.
Unless of course you want to fully die!


Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.