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Sam the Intern Kept a Dream Journal Last Year

Every morning he'd wake up and write down his dreams. Here are the highlights.
Monday May 5th, 2017:
Marathon watched The Sopranos and got a little too torqued.
I woke up and had a wet dream.
Meg asked, "What is this wetness?"
Sleeping in bed facing away from each other.
I told her I spilled seltzer water and to not worry about it.
Tuesday November 26th, 2017:
Heard a knock at the door.
Answered it and turned out a giant nut-sack was banging up against it.
Opening door to a full sack.
Friday March 19th, 2017:
Had a dream that instead of being stung by a jellyfish and peeing on it,
I stung a jellyfish and he peed on me.
Jellyfish peeing on him.
Also, when I woke up I was peeing in Karl's hamper.
Thursday April 12th, 2017:
I dreamt I got pulled over by the cops for speeding.
When I opened the glove compartment...
Boone and Little Bear from the Indian in the Cupboard were having very loud sex.
Does this mean I'm gay? I'm not gay.