The S.S. TD's have dropped anchor

Infect yourself with some American fun this summer.
Commissioned as a "comfort ship" in WWI, the original S.S. TD was the flagship of the Pacific Fleet.
There were only two rules aboard the S.S TD:
(1) If the King of Thailand shows up, tell him the Captain's not here.
(2) No diplomats aboard: except for those guys from Papua New Guinea - they partied their nobs off.
Marlyn Monroe's less attractive sister Gertrude Monroe used to work the lunch shift on the S.S TD.
What she lacked in looks she made up in spirit, there's no denying that.
JFK would be proud of the S.S. TD's.
Not the President. My neighbor, Jim F. Kurtzman.
Yeah they're made in China.
But we're countin' on you to bring the American made goods to these shorts.