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Summer’s Here. That Means Oxford Birddogs and DWI’ing Golf Carts.

Look like oxford...but feel like birddogs
Take everything you thought you knew about boiled wool and shove it right up your ass.
Inspecting birddogs oxfords with magnifying glass
Oxford Birddogs are the lightest fabric this side of Mars.
They feel like that cute little detergent bear is massaging your thighs.
These Oxford Birddogs are for the land-owning class.
Doctoring and lawyering only please.
Wealthy man in top hat, coat, and birddogs oxfords strolling the streets.
Birddogs Blue Babes oxford shorts
Birddogs Lady Messengills Shorts
Birddogs Lollygags shorts

Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.