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These are fully true stories about our friends.
baseball to the sack
Nut Slap Tale #1:
During a Powder Puff flag football game, a hot cheerleader smacked me right in the nuts trying to get my flag.
writing on the floor
Nut Slap Tale #2:
My cousin had one of those NERF footballs with the whistles built in.
We were having a catch when he rifled that thing right in my balls – just hummed it right into my sack.
Lying in bed with a nerf football
Nut Slap Tale #3:
A friend of mine asked me to hold his new baby. Knowing my hands were full, he took the opportunity to strike.
I dropped the baby, but we all had a good laugh.
fully grown men holding baby
Nut Slap Tale #4:
I was playing a heated game of foosball when my sister jammed a corresponding stick into my corresponding dick.
I ran upstairs and told on her, but my dad said he was just surprised she “hit such a small target”.
asking dad for help
Nut Slap Tale #5:
I was launching water balloons from a three-man slingshot when one backfired into my bean bags.
When I got to the ER, the doctor was impressed as he’s never seen anyone withstand such concussive force without rupturing a testicle.
Needing help from a medical professional
Nut Slap Tale #6:
I was fielding the pitcher’s position in a T-Ball game when I took a line drive right to the bee-hive.
Coach unwilling to help

Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.