Why hornets left bees in the evolutionary dust years ago

It's no surprise bees are dying at an alarming rate.
We made a pair of Birddogs called the Hornets.
Hornets, unlike bees, are nobody's b*tch.
They don't give curious bears free honey, they just deliver the pain.
Bees ruin picnics.
Hornets move into your dad's garage and ruin his marriage.
Bees, like the British, work their a$$e$ off for a fat queen they'll never bed.


The only reason the Hornet didn't bed the queen is because she didn't have change for a $50 bill.


Bees have really small thoraxes.
Now a hornet's thorax, it isn't huge, but it's not small by any means.
Bees will politely hold the door open for you.
Hornets will kick you through a plate glass door then slam your kitchen cupboards.
(1) The total dickheads of the Arthropods.
(2) Insects that wear aviator-style sunglasses with very dark or mirrored lenses.