Shorts From the Simpsons Favorite Dweeb

The Milhouses - shorts for late bloomers who play the long game.
Bart was an early peaker that all the girls wanted to chase.
But it was Milhouse the late bloomer that won the race.
Bart had severe learning disabilities.
Milhouse had severe allergies and correctable vision.
Nobody's perfect, but at least Milhouse was employable.
Bart may have hooked up with girls first.
But Milhouse knew it was best to wait until the fruit is ripe.
Milhouse knew that success didn't come overnight.
(Even though he still did).
In school, Milhouse got A's and B's.
Bart got straight F's with a STD.
Bart's the kind of guy that went to the bowling alley just to watch.
Milhouse was the kind of guy that had blue pubic hair.
He called them blubes.
The Milhouses
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