The Uncle Bucks: The World's First Khaki Gym Shorts

We went to the moon, cloned a sheep, and now this. 
We made a pair of Khaki Gym Shorts.


We took our silky soft Birddogs fabric.
And turned it into khaki form.


Result: The Uncle Bucks
Shorts that say, "Hey I know we're related, but I wish we weren't."


Who is Uncle Buck?
He's that Uncle that presents uncomfortable truths.


After polishing off a couple of swing doctors, Uncle Buck says your sister is a Hoboken 6 at best. 


Uncle Buck is no saint either.
His computer is frozen solid from porn malware. 


Uncle Buck thought a 401k was a type of motor oil. 


Uncle Buck cracked a rib when he crashed on his rollerblades the other week. 


Uncle Buck lost a bet to the KGB and they wrecked his credit.