We got flannel. Flannel baby, flannel.

The Mack Ivers have arrived.
Remember MacGyver?
He's the international man of mystery - solving crime and stopping bad guys.
Mack Iver is no MacGyver.
Mack Iver is a CPA who uncovered an irregularity with his company's tax returns and isn't invited to happy hour anymore.
MacGyver once used dental floss as a tourniquet after being stabbed by a counterfeit jeans kingpin.
Mack Iver experiences bloody gums after flossing.
MacGyver escaped a mudslide by fashioning some cardboard boxes into a raft.
Mack Iver hotboxed a Chili's bathroom after two Mudslides and an order of Baby Back Ribs.
MacGyver used a ballpoint pen and some lighter fluid to make an IED.
Mack Iver was the reason his last girlfriend decided she didn't want kids and got an IUD.
MacGyver tore through the upper echelons of a drug ring disguised as a Mexican drug lord.
Mack Iver tore through his toilet paper while trying to clean himself from a heavy night of Mexican food.
The Mack Ivers
These shorts aren't escaping anything.