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What Useless Gift Are We Giving Out This Year? Glad You Asked.

Hit in the nuts.
Q: What's the tensile strength of these babies?
A: Super duper high. You could bet your life on these nunchucks, and we recommend you doing so.
Spinning on selfie stick.
Q: Do you guys still plan on cybering with curious, anonymous men? (Asking for a friend).
A: Get your head out of the gutter Bullwinkle. We've got nunchucks.
Late night search on the internet.
Q: What's the fastest way to take someone down with these nunchucks?
A: Easy. The eyes - the groin of the face.
Pulling up nunchucks, threateningly.
Q: I've got a group of unruly 3rd graders trying to sort out who's the alpha of the pack. Can I buy these in bulk?
A: Sure thing. How many little warriors are there?
Nunchuck master.
Q: Isn't someone going to seriously hurt themself?
A: Nunchucks don't hurt people, 20-something males with limited options on a Friday night do.
Office wrestling. Nunchucks by Birddogs.

Jokes written for us. But you're welcome to read.