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Strategic Planning Manager, Forecasting and Sourcing

birddogs is a fast growing Direct-to-Consumer men’s apparel brand in NYC. 


  • Decrease cost of goods while maintaining same-to-higher quality products. Organize and build-out our global supply chain.

  • Forecast to keep product in stock and reduce lead times. birddogs are notoriously sold out. It is time to keep our incredible product in stock. Track demand, place orders and manage WIP to balance supply and demand.


  • 2 to 4 years in forecasting, cost analysis and inventory management. This individual will be responsible for building out a global capability in forecasting and sourcing. This will require prior experience in this field.

  • Analytical chops a must.

  • Organizational and process discipline a must. This individual will be responsible for making the trains run on time. This will include a knack for organizational and process discipline to build the organization.

  • Self-starter a must. Success at birddogs requires pushing the envelope of what is possible with limited resources. Requires a level of urgency and self-direction that are exceptional.

  • Love birddogs a must. Genuinely enthusiastic about what we’re building. It won’t work otherwise.


  • Highly competitive salary 

  • Full medical and dental

  • Tons of new best friends

How to Apply