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1.With no cotton induced distractions, Commando Men are constantly looking at stuff

I told you! You just HAD to see this waterfall. What do you say we go wiggle our toes between the rocks?

2. Increased air flow sharpens the artisitic eye

I'd draw you like one of my French girls. Respectfully.

3. The Comfort of going California Casual means they live for movie days

Ugh. I can't decide. Do we go with the Collin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice or the Matthew Macfadyen version? Screw it let's watch both. I'm not complaining!

4. Less constriction leads to focus. Just try and stop him from fixing things

I'll meet you inside right after I finish mending this fence post. I left you a glass of Sauvignon blanc with The Mindy Project ready to go on the DVR.

5. Expanded man-space leads to expanded horizons. Expect an acute interest in popular culture

Back with some kettle corn! Has anyone said anything embarrassing on the red carpet yet?

6. Oh, and just try keeping a Commando Man out of a canoe

Let's take a quick jaunt over to my favorite cove to look for sea glass and spotted loons. I'll use my arms as paddles.

7. Increased groin flexibility will create a newfound interest in stretching

Nobody beats Yani's vinyasa class. What do you say we go back to your place for another form of cardio?

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