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MBA Summer Intern

birddogs is a fast growing Direct-to-Consumer men’s apparel brand in NYC.


  • Lead the development of one of 5 marketing channels. TV, Podcast, Google, Direct Mail or Retail. We view these as ‘moon shots.’ Most companies have failed to scale these channels profitably.

  • Iterate and test until you make the channel work. Run pilot tests, execute violently, and measure results until you’re successful.


  • Execution machine a must. Strong analytical skills a must.

  • Execution machine a must. Not just a Powerpoint monkey. Deliver real financial results by doing the work yourself.

  • Love birddogs a must. Genuinely enthusiastic about what we’re building. It won’t work otherwise.


  • Highly competitive salary

  • Early-stage equity opportunity inside a growth-stage company

  • Full medical and dental

  • Tons of new best friends

How to Apply