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The 4 Episodes of Magnum PI That Never Aired

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Cut Episode #1: Bird of Paradise
After an aviary loses a rare bird, Magnum takes the case and tracks down the bird.

However, Magnum mistakes the reward as a bounty and shoots the bird.

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Cut Episode #2: High On A Feeling
Convinced that his deaf bus driver is on drugs, Magnum commandeers the bus and makes a citizen’s arrest on the driver.

Magnum got his bus pass revoked but he sticks by his action.

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Cut Episode #3: Punch-Drunk Bouncer
As a side-job, Magnum works as a doorman for a gentlemen’s club. He skims money by allowing teens entry for premium.

As an insurance policy, Magnum sucker punches them on their way out to “wipe their memory.”

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Cut Episode #4: Sex On The Beach
Magnum has sex with a woman on the beach.

It’s a two-part episode.

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