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The 5 Episodes of Magnum PI That Never Aired

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Cut Episode #1: Aloha & Hello
Upon first arriving in Hawaii, Magnum doesn't understand that "aloha" means both hello and goodbye.

Magnum threatens to give the local a new "alo-hole" if he says the greeting again.

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Cut Episode #2: The Hawaiian Hot Dog
Magnum is hired to catch a flasher who is presenting his penis, cleverly placed in a hot dog bun.

Turns out it was Magnum all along, so he stops putting his dick in hot dog buns and frames a homeless man.

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Cut Episode #3: Pipe Dream
Magnum catches a pro surfer jaywalking, so he bashes the athlete's legs with a lead pipe and ends his career.

Magnum gets witnessed yelling:

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Cut Episode #4: Columbian Coffee Connection
Magnum stumbles across a drug smuggler hiding coke in coffee bags.

As a man of the law, Magnum refuses their dirty hush money.

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Cut Episode #5: The Blind Betty
Magnum examines a suspect insurance claim of an elderly woman claiming to be blind.

To expose the fraud, Magnum cleverly throws a pineapple at the woman's face.

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