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3 Billion Dollar Businesses That Were Actually Started By The Winklevoss Twins

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#1: Airbnb
The twins had a freeloader (Zuckerberg) staying in their pool house and wanted to find a way to profit from space sharing.

They started by renting an air mattress for $500 a night since they have no concept of what normal people pay for things.

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#2: Amazon
The twins were presented with an early opportunity to be investors in Amazon by Jeff Bezos.

They passed because, “only nerds like f*cking books.”

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#3: Pinterest
As undergrads, the Winkle-Twins decorated their rooms with “interest boards” which were full of ripped dudes rowing boats and chicks in thongs.

They tried to recreate their dorm in virtual reality but the dickheads from Pinterest beat them to it.

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