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We ship to all addresses in the United States - including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. We also ship to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Unsure if we ship to your address? Someone at can confirm for you!

We ship from Newark, DE. Also, why do you care?

We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $50. This service typically takes anywhere from 4-8 business days, but we make no guarantees.

We also offer expedited shipping options for an additional fee:
$15 2 Day Shipping guarantees delivery within 2 business days
$10 1 Day Shipping guarantees delivery within 1 business day.

We do not offer overnight service, we do not ship on federal holidays, and we do not fulfill on Sundays or after 5pm. We also don’t roll on shabbat.

If you place your order before 2:30pm EST on a weekday, your order will ship that same day. If you place your order on a weekend, or after 3pm EST on a weekday, your order will ship the next business day.
We cannot promise delivery by any specific day, but typically East Coast US addresses see delivery within 2-5 business days with our free option. The further West you are from Delaware, the closer your delivery date will be to 8 business days.
In rare cases, due to weather or other disruptions in service beyond our control, delivery may not happen until after the 8th business day. This has an incidence rate under 0.05%.

If you need your package by a certain date, we highly recommend choosing an expedited option. Please reach out to if you have any questions about the best options for your order.

No. If you need your birddogs products shipped to multiple locations, you will need to place multiple orders.
Also, are you a superhero?
How can you be in multiple places at once?
But seriously… if you are a superhero, reach out to

No. If you have submitted your order with the wrong shipping address, we cannot guarantee our ability to correct it for you. If you are able to get in contact with us before your order has been prepared for shipment, we will do everything in our power to update it for you, but (again) no guarantees.

Once your order has been prepared for shipment, we do not have any ability to make any changes on your behalf. Please double check your order before finishing checkout to avoid this issue. birddogs is not responsible for replacing incorrectly addressed packages that are shipped and delivered to the address we are given at checkout.

No. You are welcome to submit a reroute request, or to contact us at so that we may file one for you, but reroute attempts are frequently unsuccessful. Please be sure to double check your address is correct before submitting your order to avoid this issue.

Don’t panic. Call 911. They’re available 24/7 for this exact reason.

As online shopping has increased, so has shipping volume across all major providers. In some cases, delivery drivers may mistakenly indicate a delivery scan before the package has made it to your actual address. In >90% of cases where the customer reports a delivery update, but no package, the delivery occurs in the following 3 business days.

SO, if your order was shipped with our standard delivery option (free shipping) and you have received a delivery notification but no package, please be sure to…
→ Ask around to any roommates, family members, partners, or frequent loiterers of your home to see if they have seen the package.
→Ask around to neighbors - sometimes things end up where they aren’t meant to!
→ Locate the phone number for your nearest US postal office and ask if the package is in their mail room or on a mail truck.
→ Check any security or doorbell camera footage for evidence your package was delivered at the time disclosed.
→ Check alternate entrances to your home.

We experience an extremely low incidence of truly lost packages, so your package is almost certainly not actually lost.
However - things happen, and delays are frustrating for everyone involved.
If you received your shipping confirmation email, and your tracking number indicates that your package was scanned, but has not updated at all in over 5 business days, please reach out so that we may submit a follow up inquiry on your behalf.
If you have not noted a tracking update in over 10 business days, please be in touch so that we may record your package as lost in transit, and set about replacing your order to a new address.

Yes, we do ship to military addresses, by way of USPS exclusively. If you order to a military address, you should expect significant shipping delays, in the range of 20-40 business days.
Also, thank you for your service.

We are not able to offer our express shipping options on orders going to P.O. boxes.
If you place an order to a P.O. box using either of our expedited shipping options, your order will be held until you provide us with a physical address.
If you do not have a physical address, you will have to downgrade to standard shipping (you will be refunded for your initial shipping charge).

At this time we do not have plans to ship beyond the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Tuvalu. If you want to make the case for us shipping to your country, let us know at Unless you’re Jackie Chan. Then I’ll personally give them to you.


Can you read? If not, totally cool. We can’t either.

Check out the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email! If you cannot find this, please reach out to us at so we can help find it for you.

The best place to find updates about your order is to go to your own email inbox, and locate your shipping confirmation email - the typical subject line looks like “Confirmation For birddogs Order #XXXXXXX”. You will find a tracking link complete with everything you or we will know about the trajectory of your order.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please be in touch with us at, and be sure to indicate your order number and any questions for the most prompt and informative response.
If you made it through that whole paragraph, you probably should’ve been able to find your shipping information.


Your order has not left the warehouse yet. At this stage you will have received an order confirmation email, but not a shipping confirmation email.

Shipping Label Created.

Your order has been packed and departed our warehouse. At this stage you will have received both your order confirmation email, and a shipping confirmation email.

On Its Way to USPS.

Your order is in transit, being sorted through the necessary channels, on its way to USPS for delivery.

Out for Delivery.

It has been scanned by the carrier and is on it’s way to you.


It was dropped off at the address provided in your order. If it says Delivered and you don’t see it - ask around the house/building/neighborhood and wait a day or two. Sometimes these scans come in too soon.

If your order was shipped to the address you entered, it was not shipped to the wrong address. We are almost never able to amend any incorrectly entered address information.
If your order is shipped and delivered to an address you did not mean to ship it to, we cannot replace it. Please be in touch with any contacts you know at or near that address to work out how to get your birddogs package to your most current address.

Birddogs is not responsible for stolen packages once delivery has occurred. If you have received notification of delivery, but no package exists in your mailbox/mailroom or on your front porch/entryway, please allow 1-3 business days for delivery to take place.
If you know your package was delivered (ie; have visual evidence of delivery from a security/doorbell camera) please submit a report to your local police department. We cannot reship or refund for stolen orders, but we can help you file a theft report with USPS or FedEx, if you choose to pursue that route.
If you believe your address to be in a high risk area for theft, please consider shipping to a more secure address to avoid the potential bummer of no birddogs.

We work hard to ensure all orders are packed perfectly, but mistakes happen from time to time! If something is missing from or looks incorrect about your order, please double check the invoice slip in your box, and send a message with a photo of that slip to so we can promptly correct the issue.

If the item missing from your order is any of our free gifts, the following applies: free gifts are always offered as is, as long as supplies last. You must opt in to receive the free gift, by way of using a qualifying promotional code, or by manually adding the item to your cart before checkout. If the item is not in your confirmation email, it will not be shipped. Promotional gifts cannot be shipped by themselves, and cannot be retroactively applied to confirmed orders.

If you attempt to deceive us with false claims and treachery, we will descend upon you with the force of a thousand fire ants.

Did you receive something different from what you ordered? We make every effort not to have this happen, but sometimes gray looks blue… or blue looks black… it gets hard!
If you believe you have received something other than what you ordered, please photograph the item in question and reach out to to get assistance correcting the mistake from a support agent.

If you have received a free gift that is or looks different than what you saw on the site, please know that all free gifts are provided as is, as long as supplies last, so sometimes substitutions must be made to ensure you get the gift.

Just to reiterate, IT’S FREE. So pump the brakes there, Courtney.

We always offer a range of free gifts for multi-pair orders. The free gifts are offered on an opt-in basis, and are not automatically added to your cart, so if you want the gift, double check that you saw it both in your cart and in your confirmation email. If you received a promotional code from a podcast ad or print ad, please make sure that when you enter the code, the code is accepted.
Free gifts cannot be added to a confirmed or fulfilled order, nor can they be shipped by themselves. Free gifts also cannot be substituted or exchanged.

In order to activate your birddogs account, you must pass a series of tests. No one has passed it thus far. Don’t even bother.

If that sounds too difficult, you can check to see if you have an account with us by logging in here.

In 99% cases, no. But we’d still love to chat! So, please reach out to us at and we can connect you with the best person to address your bulk birddogs needs, if possible.

Product Information

We work with a number of manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

Mostly fibers…

That’s like asking what’s the deal with milk? What’s the deal with wheels? What’s the deal with spoons? They just work. It’s our secret sauce - the liner supports without crushing, and keeps you cool and comfy throughout the day. It’s soft, just the right amount of stretchy, and specifically engineered to keep you from getting your big stinky balls all over everything.

We have product specific size guides on all product pages! If you have consulted the size guides and still do not know what to do, please reach out to us at and we can help you decide what seems best. Remember! We offer easy returns and free exchanges, so if you miss on the first try, you’ll get a mulligan.

“'You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.' - Men’s Wearhouse” -Karl.

This isn't little catholic boy’s school. You can do whatever you want. That’s kinda the whole point.

The shorts are great for basically everything. Walk, run, hike, swim, date, nap, party, work… you name it, they’re perfect for it except if it’s really, really cold outside (unless you’re trying to prove to your Dad how much of a man you are).

The bathing suit is a little bit more of a one trick (swimming) pony, but we won’t fault you for wearing it out at the bars.

The khaki pants are perfect for everyday use, or low key crushing the comfort game at the office.

The joggers and sweats are a real dynamic duo when it comes to prioritizing comfort all day and all night. Use them interchangeably as you prefer, but we like the joggers for a more active or versatile use, and the sweats for sheer lounge time.

Need someone to tell you what to do?, good buddy.

Chuck ‘em straight in the dishwasher with the rest of your clothes, you animal. Just kidding, they’re not too complicated.
As with any garment you hope to make last a long time, try to wash in cooler temps, and dry on cooler temps. If you’re able to, air drying is great and will prolong the life of your birddogs.
Harsh chemicals like bleach, and some softeners, may cause discoloration over time and may speed up deterioration.

For shorts, all Khaki and Oxford styles have belt loops! Gym shorts do not.

For pants, our Khaki pants have belt loops! Joggers and Silky Soft Sweatpants do not.

They function like a backpack, but inside your garment. Put whatever you want in there. The two zippered pockets on your sides are big enough for an iPhone or a medium sized carrot. Our pants also have two back pockets but those don’t have zippers, so they can’t break.

We do not make custom products. You can draw your own shit on ‘em if you want.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer a 45 day return policy on all of our paid-for products. Your 45 days begins the day we fulfill your order from our warehouse. If you’re unsure of when that date is, check your email inbox for your shipping confirmation email. You may return for a refund to your original form of payment, or for store credit.

We offer a 45 day exchange policy on all of our paid-for products. Your 45 days begins the day we fulfill your order from our warehouse. If you’re unsure of when that date is, check your email inbox for your shipping confirmation email. You may exchange for any equal value product. If you would like to upgrade to a higher cost product, please return for a refund and place a new order.

There are a few reasons why this could be happening!

1. Are you trying to return from an address not in the US? We can only provide return shipping service for addresses in the US. US territories and military addresses are not included in this definition of “in the US”.

2. Are you trying to return or exchange an order that is already an exchange order? We do not allow exchanges of exchanges or returns of exchanges. If you think you could be a special exception, feel free to reach out to and plead your case to the powers that be.

3. Did you enter the right info? Never hurts to double check! You’re looking for the Order Number in your Confirmation Email, and the Shipping Zip Code also in your Confirmation Email. If you deleted that email or can’t find it - we can help you on chat or, no biggie.

4. Is your order older than 45 days? No bones, big boi.

In order to process an exchange, you will have to unearth the order number for that gift. We know it can be a delicate matter, so you don’t need to go bangin’ down grandma’s door for the info, but the best ways for us to find it out for you are if you can supply us with the full name and/or email address of the person who gifted them to you.

If you cannot find this information, we cannot just will it into existence. You must have an order number to process an exchange, no exceptions.

Nope. Never. We covered this already.

You can! But you’ll need to process the exchange and edit your address. For a foolproof delivery to your new address, you can return your order for a refund and place a new order right there in the returns portal.

Get ready to enjoy your very expensive underwear washcloth. If you have begun or completed the request for an exchange, but have not yet mailed back your order, please reach out to us on chat or at so we can help you right your course!

Happy Returns is a partner we use for returns processing, designed to make your return/exchange process as easy and uncomplicated as possible!
Just bring the item(s) you need to return to the address given to you in your returns process, and provide it to the kind folks there so they can package and mail it for you.
If you like things old fashioned, or don’t know what the heck a QR code is, just touch base with us on one of the support lines, and we can revert your order’s return label back to a traditional box and ship label.

Don’t panic - this isn’t the end of the world.

When you submit a request for a return/exchange with our online system, it generates a pre-paid shipping label for you. These shipping labels do not last indefinitely - in fact they only last 28 days. The email you received is letting you know that the label is no longer valid.

If you’re still inside 45 days from fulfillment, just reach out to us and we can help you get a new label and start a new return/exchange.

If you’re outside the 45 day return window, there’s not much we can do.

If you paid originally with a combination of a birddogs gift card, and a credit card, your gift card will be restored first, and any remaining balance will be refunded to your credit card.

We are only able to make refunds to the original form of payment - meaning it needs to be the same card number.

If you need a refund and are in this predicament, your refund will be processed as store credit.

The only reasons you will receive this message are…

1.The item you’re trying to return is a promotional free gift, all of which are final sale items that cannot be exchanged.

2.The item you’re trying to return is beyond it’s allowed return/exchange window.

The item you’re trying to return has already been returned.


We are always happy to help you figure something out!

You can find someone to talk to any time between 9-5 PM EST on weekdays right here on the site with our chat feature.

You can email us at anytime.

You can even hit us up on Facebook Messenger, or Instagram DMs.

If you try to contact us anywhere else, you’re probably screaming into the void.

Zero discounts, Susan. Not for the first, second, or fifth order. Everyone’s paying full price.

If you would like to be considered for any future partnerships, please reach out to

No. If you want to mash product down your friends throats, you don’t need to be in a special club to do it. If we get the bandwidth to fire up an ambassador program, sign up here and we’ll notify you.

Maybe? Worth shooting your shot. Hit us up at if you think we just need to know who you are. Otherwise, check out our careers page for what we’re trying to hire for.

Don’t apply unless you mean it.

We do! Check out the careers page to learn more about how you can apply.

Why would you do that? We put a lot of work into those. We just want to give you smiles.

So, no, you can’t unsubscribe. You’re in for life.

The only way to unsubscribe is delete your old email and get a new one, or just drop us a line at and we will remove you from our mailing list.

Fuck. I don’t even know what that means.

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But if you’re upset, count to 10 and think it over.

What, you think you can do it better? Screw you, man. Let us know over at and we’ll think about it.

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