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$0: Free Shipping arrives 4 to 8 days.

$10: 2 Day Shipping arrives in 2 business days for orders placed before 3pm EST

$15: Next Day Shipping arrives next business day for orders placed before 3pm EST

Free shipping arrives 4 to 8 business days from the time the order was placed. If you are on the East Coast, it is likely closer to 4 days, if you are on the West Coast, it is likely closer to 8 days.

2 Day Shipping arrives in 2 business days for orders placed before 3pm EST

Next Day Shipping arrives the next business day for orders placed before 3pm EST

*For your security, please provide a Shipping Address where someone can physically receive your order. We cannot be held responsible for packages damaged, missing, or stolen from an unattended address after the carrier has confirmed the package as "delivered." 

*If an item in your order is a preorder, the rest of the order will ship, but the preorder item will be sent out the day it hits the warehouse.


Yes, absolutely. But it may take a lot longer than expected for the Post Office to get your package to you depending on where you are deployed.

We ship to the following countries outside of the US with shipping costs outlined below. These orders arrive in 2 to 5 days.

Canada $25
Australia $40
United Kingdom $40

Send an email to or start a chat with our customer service team M-F 9am to 5pm. We will do our best to get your shipping information updated before your order leaves our warehouse.

My Order

If your order has experienced a delay, we do our best to proactively notify customers. Even if you don’t get a notification, there is never an instance where birddogs has forgotten to ship an order. As soon as the product hits the warehouse, it goes out the same day. No amount of emails, calls, etc. will change that. If you’re concerned, just email and we’ll track it down for you.

There are 2 ways to check the your real time order status:

1. Log-in to your birddogs account or create an account and check your order history. Even if you didn’t create an account at the time of purchase, once you create an account your order history will be automatically uploaded.

2. Your order confirmation email contains a link for real time order status. Just search your inbox for “birddogs order confirmation.”

What does my order status mean?

Confirmed. Your order has not left the warehouse yet. We have your order in our system and it is placed in queue for shipment. If it’s been “confirmed” for over a week, it means the product is still on its way from China. It’s coming, we promise. We’ve never missed an order.

On its way. Your order has been packed and departed our warehouse.

Out for delivery. It has been scanned by the carrier and is on it’s way to you.

Delivered. It was dropped off at address provided in your order. If your carrier is:

Fedex Call 1-800-GO-FEDEX or go to with your tracking number and they will know exactly where your package is and have every detail down to the sexual interests of your driver. Your tracking number is in your shipping confirmation email or log-in or create a birddogs account and your prior order history will be automatically uploaded.
USPS is the worst. If your USPS status says ”delivered” and you don’t have your package DO NOT bother calling USPS. They don’t care and you’ll waste hours. First, check your shipping address and ask your roommates if they’ve seen a birddogs box (they’re bright). Next, go down to your local post office in person and as them to check the back for your package. Almost always, they have scanned your package and the carrier decided not to take it out that day. Out of the 1 million+ packages birddogs has sent, We have never had a case of USPS taking or losing a package. It will get there, eventually.

Product Information

birddogs started with the most comfortable pair of gym shorts on the planet. Guys found any excuse to wear them. On weekends, to the gym, in the pool – birddogs are extremely versatile.

Over time, we did our take on khaki, oxford and seersucker fabrics. They look like these classic fabrics, but they move, stretch and feel as comfortable as the original birddogs.

Yes, all birddogs are designed to hold up in the pool. If you want birddogs that are designed primarily for swimming, we suggest trying our bathing suit.

A mix of cotton, spandex and salamander urine. To the naked eye they appear like a pair of high end work slacks, but they stretch like Yanni.

birddogs inner liner is equal parts stretch and soft. It takes a mix of of polyester, nylon, spandex and a boat load of environmental devastation to pull this off, but you’re worth it.

A lot. Sign up for this email list to find out when. You gotta move fast, if the new style is any good, it’s probably going to sell out before it hits the warehouse.

Wash them when they smell like sh*t.

How dare you.

We changed our fit slightly in 2017, but nothing major. If you’re between sizes and haven’t ordered for a few years, we suggest sizing up.

All phones fit in birddogs phone pocket.

If you are in between sizes, that means both will fit you. If you prefer a slim fit, size down. If you prefer more room in your thighs and butt, size up.

 Nothing new planned right now.

birddogs shorts and pants were made for men at their peak. Guys who suck down oxygen by the metric ton and clog pipes with their jumbo dumps.  

Returns & Exchanges

Free returns and exchanges on US orders within 90 days of receiving your order. To get started, click on this link.

No free returns and exchanges on orders outside the US.

*Note: refunds can only be issued to the original payment method.

Click here.

No. There are no exceptions.

That’s because you didn’t return the free gift that came with your order. It is a $10 charge for tees and a $20 charge for hats and croks.

Send it back. As long as it’s within 90 days we’ll get you a brand new pair. If you can include a note about what’s wrong, we’d appreciate it.

No exchanges permitted. It was a gift Todd, you ungrateful hick.

We will charge your ass by deducting the cost from your refund. $20 charge for hats and croks. $10 for tees. You took our shirt, of course we’re going to charge you.

Sure thing. Tees will cost you 2 pairs of birddogs, hats or croks will cost you 3 pairs. See shorts. See pants.


Email Even in peak demand, we have someone cruising the top of the inbox for urgent items. Blasting our help desk with increasingly aggressive emails isn’t going to move you to the front of the line. Typically that type of bad behavior we find folks tend to “forget” your email for a day or so.

Chat here Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

No, obviously not.


If you’d like to discuss how our content offended you at length, email Disregard the bounce email notification, I assure you we are listening, most ardently.

birddogs are made in a little town called China, the Silicon Valley of performance apparel.

I dunno. Burn stuff.

No. If you want to mash product down your friends throats, you don’t need to be in a special club to do it. If we get the bandwidth to fire up an ambassador program, sign up here and we’ll notify you.

No. John Elway, Brad Pitt… if you’re reading this, please answer my emails.

Currently we do not. If/when we do open up a partner program we’ll notify wholesalers. Enter info here.

Not at this time. If you’d like to upload your information, do so here. Almost every full time hire we’ve had is through our internship program. Application for our annual summer internship class is here.

Yes. We hire a class each summer to work in our New York City office. Application is here.

Comfort like birddogs doesn’t come without a cost. We produce some of the most environmentally devastating, comfortable fabric in the world. It’s performance is undisputed, but man is it costly.

How do we do it? First, we start be ripping down 20,000 hectares of virgin Brazilian rainforest. And that’s just to make the toilet paper for the guys in the factory. It takes a metric ton of Indonesian yarn to make a single pair of pants. Where does it all go? We dump it.

Is it sustainable to keep selling fabric of this caliber at this price? Unclear.

Hit the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the last email you got and you’ll never get a birddogs email again aside from order and shipping confirmations if you place a future order.

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