1. How do I exchange my shorts?

Your package includes a pre-paid return postage slip.  Just slap it on and drop it any mailbox or post office within 90 days of receiving your order and include a note with what you need and we'll get your exchanged pair or refund out to you that as soon as they arrive.  In case you misplaced your package, click here to generate a shipping label.  Any questions, you can always shoot a note to help@birddogs.com.

2. What is your return policy?

Free returns/exchanges 90 days from the purchase of your shorts.  Given the intimate nature of Birddogs, any returned pairs will be sanitized and donated to a battered mens' shelter to provide a confidence boost to get men in need back on their feet.

3. What type of length are we talking here?

Birddogs standard size is a classic 8" inseam.  That means they drop 8" from the bottom of your crotch down your thigh.  Take a piece of paper and turn it hamburger ways with one corner on your thunder dome and the other end will fall at about the length of a pair of Birddogs.

We also offer both a short (6" inseam) as well as extended (9 1/4" inseam) option on most shorts.

4. What type of girth are we talking here?

Birddogs are some trim trousers as far as gym shorts are concerned.  A small fits waist sizes 28" to 30", a medium fits a 30" to 32 ", a large fits between a 32" to 34", and an XL fits between a 34" to 36" waist.  We've also got the double-wide XXL for waist sizes 36 in. and above.

5. What are your shipping speeds?

Free Shipping - Shorts arrive 4 to 8 days from order.

Arrives in 2 Business Days - Shorts ordered before 3pm EST arrive in 2 business days for $15.

Arrives Next Business Day - Shorts ordered before 3pm EST arrive next business day for $20. 

You will be given a tracking number after your order has been shipped.

International Shipping - Arrives in 4 to 8 days for $40.

5. Does wearing underwear really decrease male fertility?

The medical community has yet to arrive at a consensus on the matter.  Some medical elites believe that use of underwear causes damage by squishing your man parts and creating excessive genital heat, citing studies that have observed drops in sperm concentration by as much as 40% when median daytime scrotal temperature rose by just 1 degree.  

Other medical experts believe that wearing underwear causes no more harm to a man's reproductive health then sitting with a notebook computer on your lap for a full work day, use of hot tubs for extended periods, or sitting on top of an microwave oven during operation.

6. What type of science are we working with here anyway?

Let's take a look under the hood.


7. In what part of America are Birddogs made?

Birddogs are made in a little town called China.  At Birddogs, we believe there is nothing American about inferior quality.  That's why we get them made by the world's best.  Sure, you can get a rocket ship made in Aruba if you want, but chances are when it comes time to blast-off it will shear at the seams.  Shorts are no different. 

8. I'm looking to blast this glorious product down my friends throats? How can I go about that?

You could call, email or pinterest your bud the site to get him some sweet silky goodness on his thighs.  If you're in college, the elite can apply to become part of our Summer 2019 Intern class by submitting an application here.

9. Free gifts with multi-pair orders.

If you purchase additional pairs of Birddogs to get a free gift, then return the shorts but not the gift, we will dock your refund $10 for a Birddogs shirt and $20 for a Birddogs hat. 

10. I have a question not covered above.

Give us a call or shoot us a note.  For customer service, email help@birddogs.com.  For scientific inquires on how we were able to innovate underwear out of your life, email info@birddogs.com. If you want to read stuff lawyers are supposed to write, but we did anyway, check out our terms of service or privacy policy.